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Miles Sanders
Miles Sanders

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my journey in the humanities is an interesting one. my career started as a phd student, specifically in the area of medieval art history and architecture at the university of york, before moving to st andrews university, where i was awarded the prestigious british academy postgraduate prize for medieval art history. during my postgraduate studies, i gained an appreciation for the power of art to reveal the human condition. i came to realise that the human condition cannot be separated from the world of non-human entities and that the power of art, together with that of science, is an important tool for understanding and expressing our human condition.

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this is why byron was able to write about him so comfortably, being too familiar with the character and the character's story. yet the main source of the protagonist's identity, the complex relationship with his father, is not explored; [ 16 ] and only hints are given that this father is a magistrate who punishes the young arnaud for being different.

arnaud is forced to rely on himself for sexual gratification, and the ensuing feeling of inferiority and frustration is reflected in the very complicated and emotionally ambivalent relationship that arnaud develops with his father. arnaud is constantly aware that he is not good enough to please his father and, as a result, feels inferior and sexually frustrated. [ 20 ] his mother is also emotionally distant, and relies on arnaud to be able to protect her from the cruel and vindictive attempts of the other villagers to humiliate her and to hurt arnaud.


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