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William Gonzalez
William Gonzalez

The Flash 2014 S01-S05

Seeking to return to his time, Eobard kills and impersonates Dr. Harrison Wells, the man responsible for creating the Flash in his timeline-of-origin. He then founds S.T.A.R. Labs in order to create the Flash himself, by creating a particle accelerator which gives Barry his powers in the year 2014. This way, Eobard could use the Flash's connection to the Speed Force as a means to return to his own time.

The Flash 2014 S01-S05

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Kinetic data (Figures S1, S2, and S3), femtosecondlaser flash photolysis measurements (Figure S4), and phosphorescencespectra (Figure S5). This material is available free of charge viathe Internet at 041b061a72


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