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Bond of Love

From Faith As An Ecclesial Experience by Christos Yannaras:

“When the Church calls us to her truth, she does not hold out some theoretical theses which must be accepted in principle. She invites us to a personal relationship, to a way of life which constitutes a relationship with God or leads progressively and experientially to a relationship with Him. This way transforms our entire life from individual survival to an event of communion. The Church is a body of communion wherein the members live, not each one for himself, but each one in an organic unity of love with the rest of the members and with the head of the body, Christ. ‘I believe in the truth of the Church’ means that I agree to be included in the ‘bond of love’ which constitutes it; I trust in the love of the saints and of God, and they accept me with faith and trust in my person” (27-28).

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