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Updated: Feb 21

A "friendly but uncomfortable reminder for Christian brothers and sisters who either just entered Lent (RCs and western Christians) or who are about to start the Triodion (Orthodox):

When we hear the moving and poignant parables of Christ focused on our repentance - the Publican & Pharisee, Prodigal Son, Judgment (Sheep & Goats), etc. - and we inevitably identify with someone in the story... we’re not the good guys.

It’s our natural tendency to hear these tales and identify with the underdog, the repentant, the misunderstood, the triumphant. But that’s not what the Lord was trying to impress on us when He told them. We’re the bad guy; we’re the Pharisee, the older brother, the goats, the unprepared virgins, the tenants, the servant who hid the talent.

Comfort is meant for the afflicted - for the poor, widowed, orphaned, stranger, ill, maligned in the world. But for us who are objectively comfortable, Christ is trying to afflict us in the spirit - to show us that we must change our trajectory in order to be with Him in joy. We need to be upended from our complacency. We need to humbly embrace the change of heart and action necessary for the Kingdom.

A blessed Triodion and Lent to all! May we be sufficiently afflicted to be transformed from the bad guy to being united with the only Good One".

+ Fr George Callos

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