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The constant Kibbitzer: Unprofitable and Futile (Insecurities)

Updated: Feb 28

A Church is a volunteer organization. People are always free. We are free to go to Church, or not go to Church, even our Church. If one finds that a church or a group, etc., does not agree with their view of "life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness" or is too Orthodox, not Orthodox enough, is not conservative enough, not liberal enough, etc., then it is critical for one to look in the mirror and make a change. I am happy to help in this.

If one doesn't like something, one has the power and must feel free to get up and get going on something of value and this may include finding somewhere else to go to worship and pray. The kibbitzer, sadly, tends to remain and from their constant state of complaint, regular upset at the world, the church and everyone in it; often looks to fell the church, combat its leadership, and frustrate others as a negative influencer by directing their ire to an organziation and its people. Hurt people do indeed hurt people. We must pray for them and help if we can.

Yet, in truth, if one cannnot hear the word god and cannot worship the way one wants with people one wants to be with in the Church, even at our Church, it is ok to use one's freedom to make a different choice. We all have spiritual work to do to live a sacramental life and this should not include bogus controversies and endless unprofitable debates, gossip, and conversations as constant kibbitzers on everything and everyone.

Your servant

Fr. Martin

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