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The Marriage Sacrament

"Marriage was created by God to be the union of one man with one woman for life.

The Orthodox Church has never taught any other model, and any claims that Orthodox theology can be used as the basis for radical redefinitions are denials of the work of the Holy Spirit, Who does not contradict Himself. They are also profoundly ignorant of everything the Church has directly said about this, especially in its canonical tradition.

Those who might point to polygamy or other aberrations in the Bible are ignoring the full text of the Torah and the rest of the Scriptures, in which God never once approves of such arrangements, and even ignoring His explicit commands against it (e.g., Deut. 17:17). And of course the commandments against sexual immorality -- including homosexual behavior -- are well-known and plentiful in the Scriptures.

It does not matter if governments try to alter it through legislation or court rulings -- they cannot change what marriage is. They can only create pseudogamy and thus contribute to spiritual harm, multiplying transgressions against God's salvific commands. God Himself made marriage, and it is designed for the salvation of the husband and wife together, as well as their children.

We should never forget that the Day of the Lord will come, and in that Day He will put all things right and bring justice, raising up those transgressed against and bringing low the transgressors.

So the gospel call remains as it ever was: Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand". By Fr. Stephen Damick.

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