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Miles Sanders

Antidote 8 V2 Avec Patch - Windows ((BETTER)) Full Version

Due to an increase in file compression, players who download this PTB will have to download almost the entire game, and then re-download the entire game when switching back to the regular version. Thankfully, this means the PTB build is 20GB smaller than usual.

Antidote 8 V2 Avec Patch - Windows Full Version

Download Zip:

With this update, we tried making add-ons with new and interesting effects. However, during the PTB, it became clear we needed to revisit some of these add-ons to better accomplish our goals.Black Grease was inspired by The Hillbilly's perk Enduring. It used to increase immunity to Blindness after being stunned by a pallet. We weren't happy with how it turned out, and have come up with a brand new effect inspired by Lightborn which should provide an obvious advantage that fits right in with the new Overheat mechanic.Mother's Helpers was inspired by The Hillbilly's perk Lightborn. It used to increase your movement speed while a flashlight was shining on you. Unfortunately, flashlighting most often occurs while locked into animation, so players would usually not be able to make use of this speed boost. This new version is inspired by Enduring and should be interesting for fans of the old charge speed bonus add-ons.Next in line, we have various add-ons that needed some tweaks or that needed to be reverted (Engravings).Lo Pro Chains shared the downside from Speed Limiter, but the upside wasn't enough to justify its rarity. We've updated it so it only deals a single health state for a short period after breaking a pallet or wall. We've also changed its rarity from Ultra Rare to Very Rare.The Apex Muffler can enable some very strong builds. Because of that, we're increasing its rarity to Ultra Rare. We will continue to monitor this add-on closely.The initial nerf to both Engravings add-ons was an unfortunate mistake. Additionally, seeing the Overheat mechanic in action, the Engravings add-ons were much too punishing. We have reverted them to their previous versions. We will continue to monitor these add-ons closely.Heavy Clutch had a downside which limited its use a bit too strictly. It has been removed. Hopefully by mixing it with other add-ons, we'll see new Billy sprints that aren't possible without the add-on.The Iridescent Brick used to start the Undetectable status effect timer after 5 seconds of a Chainsaw sprint. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that you were Undetectable after 5 seconds, it meant the transition to being Undetectable started. This took away the add-on's value and made it unworthy of being an Ultra Rare. We've lowered the time required to transition to becoming Undetectable. We will continue to monitor this add-on closely.Tuned Carburettor: the downside of moving at 4.4 m/s requires something fairly strong to make up for it. In that sense, the previous decrease in charge time was barely noticeable. We've increased it to make this add-on more appealing.Like The Cannibal's Speed Limiter, we've increased the bloodpoint bonus and changed its rarity.

The way we are implementing third-party patching in Microsoft Intune is to have two separate Win32 applications for each product. One of the Win32 applications will be designed for initial deployments. The update version of the Win32 application will be designed only to be required when an outdated version is detected.

This release adapts to the 1.14 release of Apache Commons Compress and now adds read-only support for the Brotli format, full support for LZ4 and write-support for Snappy and LZMA in addition to the read-only support offered by version 1.4.


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