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Euromac Punching Machine Software

EasypunchEasypunch is CAD/CAM nesting software, especially designed for automating numeric control punching machine programming.Easypunch has an advanced, intuitive and user-friendly interface that improves efficiency during programming.

Euromac Punching Machine Software

Digi SoftNew Digisoft software allows you to programme and develop production processes automatically. You can therefore display and control different types of job hence combining technology and innovation to the most accurate and reliable machine of the sector.

FX SoftNew FX Soft software allows you to programme and develop production processes automatically. You can therefore display and control different types of job hence combining technology and innovation to the most accurate and reliable machine of the sector.

Euromac specialises in the manufacturing of products and technological solutions aimed at optimising production processes in the sheet metal working sector. Sorting Cell is a fully automated loading and unloading system that can be integrated with all Euromac punching machines.

Why should Sorting Cell be coupled up to punching machines?It optimises the production cycleIt guarantees greater control over production timesIt ensures greater precision, avoiding the need to perform micro-unions and reworking on finished parts

Time is a critical success factor in the manufacturing process. Sorting Cell is the ideal solution to speed up the production and assembly of finished parts, achieving complete traceability of the manufacturing process. The modular system to configure your own fully automated bending cell. Euromac provides a complete solution, designing and developing each element of the structure, from machine to robot integration, up to the software managing the manufacturing process. Euromac automated press brakes, the ideal solution to optimise bending quality and production times.

FX Soft is an interface that is very easy to use.New FX Soft software allows you to programme and develop production processes automatically. You can therefore display and control different types of job hence combining technology and innovation to the most accurate and reliable machine of the sector.

Lantek software solutions are responsible for the whole process, which starts with programming the punching machine. Once this task is complete, the machine unloads the parts through a hatch. The parts pass along a conveyor belt until they reach an artificial vision table where a camera is used to detect the position in which the part has fallen. The Lantek software also controls the activation of the suction cups of the robot to pick up the parts and in which position. It then positions the robot so that it can pick them up while telling it the shape of the part to detect the rotation and the place where it should be loaded on the pallet.

Founded in 1986 in the Basque Country (Spain), one of the main European hubs of machine tool development, Lantek enables the integration of sheet metal and metal processing technologies using the most advanced manufacturing management software. The company is currently the outstanding leader in its sector thanks to its capacity for innovation and commitment to internationalization. With more than 23,700 customers in over 100 countries and 20 offices in 14 countries, it has an extensive network of distributors with an international presence. In 2019, its international business contributed to 86% of its revenue.

Founded in 1986, JETCAM develops and distributes its range of CAD, nesting and Industry 4.0 automation software for the composite and sheet metal industries. It has been nominated or has won dozens of awards due to its demonstrable return on investment in machine runtime, material utilization and automation.

Euromac meets your ambitions Euromac is a well known worldwide supplier of machines for sheet metal working, such as CNC punching, bending and notching machines utilizing the most recent technologies and constantly refined by our design engineers to meet the most demanding market requirements for flexibility. Euromac is a proud to be Italian company, with global presence in the sheet metal industry. Euromac, established in 1986, designs, develops, produces and sells conventional and CNC fabricating machine tools. The vast experience of our design engineers combined with the knowledge of our...

Avoid Micro-joints Eliminate Micro-joints, reduce labor costs and secondary operations with the Automatic Parts Chute. With this innovative chute it becomes possible to unload finished parts up to 1200 mm x 900 mm without any operator involvement. Optional on all 1250 mm or 1500 mm Y models. Patent Pending. euromac punching machines

* It is a valid alternative to highly qualified workers * It guarantees a very high production quality * Short programming times * The offline software is integrated directly into the machine

Manufacturing software provider Lantek has announced a collaboration agreement with Italy-based Euromac, a supplier of CNC punching systems, benders, and automated sheet metal systems. The agreement enables control of the sorting cell programmed with the Kuka KR 10 robot. It uses Lantek Expert...

Radpunch is designed to provide operators with the tools they require to reduce lead times and optimize punching machines. Radnest extends Radpunch functionality to provide true shaped nests that produce high utilization, manufacturable nests from sheets, off-cuts and remnants delivering substantial savings in material.

Euromac, a global specialist in the design and manufacture of punching and bending machines, is benefitting from NSK ball screws, linear guides and bearings in two high-profile recent projects. In fact, Euromac has been taking advantage of NSK motion control technology since 1995 as part of a long-standing and highly successful partnership.

Among the latest Euromac machines to benefit from NSK motion control technologies are: the FX Bend 2550 new-generation electric press brake with 50 or 60 tonne press force, 2550 mm bend length and six-axis back-gauge; and the new-generation XT punching machine (hydraulic, hybrid or electric) with 1500 x 3000 mm capacity and a new reinforced frame. In both applications, NSK is the main supplier of ball screws, linear guides and bearings.

The Euromac XT sets the bar for innovation in the punching machine arena by being available in hydraulic, hybrid and electric variants. In each type, Euromac uses a different way of moving the main punching axis. In the electric version, for example, the technology holds its own patent. Here, acceleration of 90 m/s2 and stroke of sometimes less than 10 mm, means that impact load is a constant issue.

After a year of comprehensive and successful testing, Euromac recently commenced volume production of its XT punching machines, exemplifying how the performance and quality of NSK linear motion products, together with proven technical support, can benefit innovative machine tool builders.

Type: CX 1000/30Producer: EUROMACCreated: 2000parameters:Travel:X: 2000 mmY: 1000 mmPunching force: 30 tStroke: 60 mmSheet thickness: 6 mmOutreach: 1000 mmNumber of strokes: 200 strokes / minTotal power requirement: 4 kWMachine dimensions:4000 x 2800 x 1800 mmMachine weight: 5250 kgEquipment:operation manualPC with pre-installed FabriWIN software for punching programs (supports DXF)Extensive set of stamps and diessquare - rectangular and circular profiles with more diameters


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