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Where To Buy Miss Me Jeans UPD

Miss Me jeans for women offer specialized embellishments that make each pair a favorite closet essential. Each pair of Miss Me women's jeans captures the multi-dimensional character and style of the modern girl. Find the perfect outfit that fits your style with women's Miss Me tops to match a pair of Miss Me jeans. Shop our collection of Miss Me women's jeans at Buckle today.

where to buy miss me jeans

Miss Me is a clothing company that offers women many different types of jeans. Their pants are available in diverse colors and hues and include various forms of embellishments. From skinny to straight and boot cut, any woman can find pants that fit their style.

The Moto Maven mid-rise skinny jeans are a solid white. They are made entirely from cotton and feature zipper accents. The Moto Maven also has pin tuck details on the knees, tonal stitching, and a hem that stops just above the ankle.

Another thing I've noticed on fakes is on the inside tag where it has the wash and inseam, there is an extra "M" so it reads "MMiss Me" with the first "M" larger than the other. All I wear is Miss Me's from the Buckle and that was the first thing I noticed on these so called "Authentic" jeans I purchased from a shop on Ebay.

Making hard and fast rules like; "1. Has a leather band on the back with an M that is attached to the jeans with rivets. This can be black, white, silver, gold, or multi colored", is not helpful because there are always exceptions. Not every pair has a leather patch.

I bought a pair from the buckle about 5 to 7 years ago that look as you've described, so they can in fact be authentic and look like this. I think there was a time that the tag design changed because my old pair has the larger M before the "miss me" and the style number, but also no inseam # is stated. Pretty strange, but I rarely buy them so I do remember I got them at the buckle

What makes them so great? Let me explain. For one, they are versatile enough I can wear them out on the town or to a horse show. They look great with heels or cowboy boots. Miss me jeans have different styles and colors and my favorite (of course) are the jeans with bling on the back pockets.

I purchased 2 pairs and the 1st pair ripped the second time I wore them without ever washing them. My second pair got a little more use, but also ripped. Very upsetting. I love the look and feel, but when I'm spending this much money I dont want to constantly be running my hands on my jeans for fear of exposure (aka tear in my jeans) and I expect them to last awhile. I've had indigo, rider, Levi, wallflower ect jeans that I've wore for years without ever ripping. I've never had a pair of jeans tear on me. Until this company offers a replacement for faulty jeans I will no longer support their company. They have a no refund policy unless they are new and can be resold within 30 days.

I love Miss Me jeans the fit is wonderful! The main problem is the rivets fall off and some of the brads, I have had to email Miss Me for replacement parts they did send some but customer service was rude when I ask for rivets for a pair of jeans they wanted to know where and when I purchased them the price they wanted to reciept as well. These particular jeans I had 8-10 months I couldn't remember where or when I purchased and no longer had the reciept so I learned if you need a rivet replaced make sure to keep reciepts forever!!! If I pay $120.00 for a pair of jeans send the company a picture of the jeans that I need a rivet replaced on offer to pay for the rivets why would they need all of this information especially when I have told them I bought the jeans 8-10 months ago. I do love the jeans and the fit I just don't like their customer service!

I've bought several pairs of these jeans for my daughter. They are cute and have a great fit, but the quality is not what it should be for a pair of jeans that costs $90 . Two weeks after we bought one pair, the brads started popping off, and a month after we bought another pair, they ripped between the center seam and the pocket in the back. We even had a brad pop off the Miss Me tag when we tried a pair on in a store. We'll be finding another brand to wear from now on. I'm not impressed.

I was first introduced to Miss Me denim by a friend and I have to say that I love their jeans. They can be found in various boutique stores in Toronto and Vancouver and are normally priced around $100 or so a pair. The jean features cut outs with embroidered swirl print and clear crystals. The cut of these jeans is very flattering and I always get compliments whenever I wear these jeans and I will continue to buy Miss Me jeans because I love them! 041b061a72


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