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Miles Sanders
Miles Sanders

Grizzly Park Movie Hindi Dubbed ((HOT))

Grizzy and the Lemmings is set in Nutty Hill National Forest, a fictional Canadian park, at the hillside cabin of the park's mostly unseen forest ranger. When the ranger leaves for work each day, Grizzy, a grizzly bear, slips into the cabin and takes advantage of its numerous amenities, usually seeking to relax, watch television and snack. He always finds his peace disturbed by a pack of rambunctious and mischief-making blue-gray lemmings who all have similar personalities.

Grizzly Park Movie Hindi Dubbed


When he wants to, Grizzly can let out an immense roar. Not only is it extremely loud, but it can be very startling. Though his roar isn't that of a wild grizzly's roar, it can still get the job done. His roar has only been heard so far in "Brother Up" when he had to save his brothers from the Wolf Pack, lead by their Alpha. He roared once more in the feature-length movie, this time sounding a lot more like a wild grizzly.


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