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Dungeon Quest | Kill All, Auto Farm, WS MORE!

There are also more advanced strategies to this that are worth mentioning as well. First of all, anyone who has done an elite profession will likely have excess XP (especially if they have dropped the profession), you train them in the level 1 Novice Profession skill over and over until they run out of XP (which is usually in the hundreds of thousands). A common one for this is Marksman: Ranged Support 1. Another advanced strategy is with professions that have multiple lines requiring the same experience type, such as Medic, Artisan, or Scout. Just go up one (or more) lines to level 4, but leave one line empty. This will make you more proficient at earning the experience type plus allow you to store more of it. For example, with novice Medic you can only store 2,000 Medical XP and are limited to Stim Bs at a fairly slow rate of use, but with Medic: 0440 you can store 30,000 Medical XP and can use Stim Cs allowing you to heal more at a time (earning more XP) and a faster rate!

Dungeon Quest | Kill All, Auto Farm, WS MORE!


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