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Harvard Aircraft Maintenance Manuals

Aircraft maintenance technician decision-making and actions have resulted in aircraft system errors causing aircraft incidents and accidents. Aircraft accident investigators and researchers examined the factors that influence aircraft maintenance technician errors and categorized the types of errors in an attempt to prevent similar occurrences. New aircraft technology introduced to improve aviation safety and efficiency incur failures that have no information contained in the aircraft maintenance manuals. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, aircraft maintenance technicians must use only approved aircraft maintenance documents to repair, modify, and service aircraft. This qualitative research used a grounded theory approach to explore the decision-making processes and actions taken by aircraft maintenance technicians when confronted with an aircraft problem not contained in the aircraft maintenance manuals. The target population for the research was Federal Aviation Administration licensed aircraft and power plant mechanics from across the United States. Nonprobability purposeful sampling was used to obtain aircraft maintenance technicians with the experience sought in the study problem. The sample population recruitment yielded 19 participants for eight focus group sessions to obtain opinions, perceptions, and experiences related to the study problem. All data collected was entered into the Atlas ti qualitative analysis software. The emergence of Aircraft Maintenance Technician decision-making themes regarding Aircraft Maintenance Manual content, Aircraft Maintenance Technician experience, and legal implications of not following Aircraft Maintenance Manuals surfaced. Conclusions from this study suggest Aircraft Maintenance Technician decision-making were influenced by experience, gaps in the Aircraft Maintenance Manuals, reliance on others, realizing the impact of decisions concerning aircraft airworthiness, management pressures, and legal concerns related to decision-making. Recommendations included an in-depth systematic review of the Aircraft Maintenance Manuals, development of a Federal Aviation Administration approved standardized Aircraft Maintenance Technician decision-making flow diagram, and implementation of risk based decision-making training. The benefit of this study is to save the airline industry revenue by preventing poor decision-making practices that result in inefficient maintenance actions and aircraft incidents and accidents.

Harvard Aircraft Maintenance Manuals

Your CV is the most effective tool you have in gaining the advantage in a competitive job market. The good news is, perfecting your CV does not have to be difficult. We give you the information you need to figure out the best ways to highlight your professional skills. Our aircraft maintenance engineer CV example takes the mystery and confusion out of issues like formatting, organization, and phrasing. We also include some helpful writing tips that explain important principles to keep in mind as you craft and refine your CV.

The MMP/Casemate Single series of publications has developed into a very useful tool for modelers to add authentic details to their models. The books usually take one type of aircraft, and in this case, one particular airplane, and provides extensive detail, including accurate view drawings in two scales, photos of the actual aircraft in service, copies of maintenance manual pages showing specific details of components, photos of details of surviving examples, and colorful four view general arrangement drawings. 350c69d7ab


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