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Study Number: KC-505-003-1-1-Netherlands-ICPSR-1971Subject Area: Election ReturnsBibliographic Citation: Dutch parliamentary election studies data source book, 1971-1989. [machine-readable data file] / Horstman, Raymond, [principal investigator(s)] / Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor].Originating Archive Number: 6744Date Accessioned: 5/1/1997Number of Files Received: 6Comments: This study is included on ICPSR's Periodic Release CD-ROM 96005. The Periodic Release CD-ROM is a product designed for use on a Windows- or DOS-based personal computer and is intended for use as a means of data distribution. It may also be used within the Macintosh environment utilizing either system 7.0 and above or system 6.08 and the appropriate PC emulation software. The CD-ROM does not contain software for text or data searches, extraction or analyses. The files with the .EXE extension are self-extracting files that were generated using Info-ZIP's ZIP compressor/archiver and PKWARE's ZIP2EXE utility for generating self-extracting files. Self extracting files allow PC users to easily and quickly decompress and transfer the files to their equipment, usually a hard disk, without the need to install any extraction software locally. Users should consult the study files listing (S0000LST.TXT) of the appropriate study to determine the storage requirements for the uncompressed files.Access Status: Access restricted to U.W. Madison campusDate Ordered: 5/1/1997Documentation: All documentation is in electronic format. Much of it is available online via the ICPSR Web Site. Most of the collections on this Periodic Release CD-ROM are likely to include documentation files and data definition statements for SAS and/or SPSS. Files with .PDF extensions are provided as an electronic image file in Portable Document File (PDF) format. The PDF format was developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated and can be accessed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. A copy of Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe Systems Incorporated Website at: For further information on PDF see the related DPLS Help Document.Abstract: The main purpose of this data collection was to provide directly accessible information on change and stability of electoral behavior and political orientation in the Netherlands. This dataset is a compilation of common core variables included in the Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies of 1971, 1972, 1977, 1981, 1982, 1986, and 1989. However, several of the election studies consist of pre-election interviews as well as post-election interviews. Hence, the criteria for selecting the waves and variables were: (1) the waves and variables included in the integrated dataset should be as representative as possible of the Dutch electorate, (2) if a variable was not available in the first wave of a study, it was taken from the second wave or the third wave, (3) all variables included at least twice in the 1981, 1982, 1986, and 1989 studies were included in the integrated dataset, and (4) if necessary, selected variables were recoded and converted to facilitate longitudinal analyses. The major areas of study focus on national problems, political efficacy, perceived stand of the main political parties on important political issues, view of religion in society, satisfaction with government, social participation, voting behavior in recent elections, left-right self-rating, left-right rating of political parties, sense of civic competence, civic political participation, legitimacy of social protest and government reaction, political distrust, and political cynicism. Respondents' views on other salient political and social issues, such as abortion, nuclear energy, differences in income, and nuclear armaments, were also elicited.Media/File Reports:ICPSR DirectSearch the DISC Site: 041b061a72


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