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Miles Sanders

((NEW)) Crack Car Dealership Simulator

There are four different models for crack dealers. One is an African-American man in a sleeveless brown mesh shirt, black skullcap and a gold necklace. The second is a white man in a light-grey hoody. The third is a biker dressed up in a skullcap, white shirt, and a leather vest. The fourth one (never appearing on the streets) is Hispanic and wears black sunglasses, a sleeveless grey shirt, gray stonewashed jeans and black-white sneakers.

crack Car Dealership Simulator

The African-American crack dealer appears more often in the traditional gang areas such as Ganton, whereas the white one tends to appear more often in the white and Hispanic areas, although both can be commonly seen throughout Los Santos. The third appears very rarely during normal gameplay but commonly spawns in the beginning of a new game, along with some San Fierro pedestrians in Los Santos.

If Carl approaches the crack dealer, the dealer will offer to sell him drugs. Carl is given the option to reply positively or negatively, but no matter which he has selected, he will always refuse to buy any drugs, though CJ's negative replies are much more verbally aggressive than the positive ones, and so are the dealer's replies. The dealer will more often than not start to open fire after receiving a reply in the negative.

Crack dealers are only supposed to appear in Los Santos. However, there is a way to make the two crack dealers appear in San Fierro, by replicating the Territory Glitch. They act the same as the two that are normally present. The skin they share is the biker drug dealer.

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