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Download BlackEnergy: The Malware That Targeted Industrial Control Systems

During an extended period, we were able to collect many Windows plugins from different CnC servers, without ever noticing Linux plugins being downloaded as described above. It appears the BE2/SandWorm gang protected their servers by keeping their non-Windows hacker tools and plugins in separate servers or server folders. Finally, each CnC server hosts a different set of plugins, meaning that each server works with different victims and uses plugins based on its current needs. Here is the summary list of all known plugins at the moment:

It is a feature of Microsoft PowerPoint to load these files, but it turned out to be a dangerous one, since the objects could be downloaded from an arbitrary untrustworthy network location and executed with none of the warning pop-ups, addressed in the MS12-005 patch.

download black energy

BlackEnergy is a Trojan that is used to conduct DDoS attacks, cyber espionage and information destruction attacks. In 2014 (approximately) a specific user group of BlackEnergy attackers began deploying SCADA-related plugins to victims in the ICS (Industrial Control Systems) and energy markets around the world. This indicated a unique skillset, well above the average DDoS botnet master.

The group is active against Ukrainian entities, especially those in the energy sector, government and media. It also attacks ISC/SCADA and energy companies worldwide. You could be at risk if you work, own, or cooperate with organizations of this kind.

According to CERT-UA (Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine) and ESET researchers, BlackEnergy used its modular architecture that supports several plugins to download and keep running both a variant of Dropbear SSH backdoor and a new destructive plugin called KillDisk in the recent Ukraine attacks. This component is able to damage files and make the system unbootable.

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The Energy Unit focuses on the basics of energy including, types of energy, transfer of energy and conservation of energy. The units/modules will engage kids in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as reinforce grade level ELA Common Core State Standards. (Ages 8 - 12)

The oil and gas boom has had many commentators breathlessly heralding an era of U.S. energy independence. This is unlikely to materialize either practically or economically. Under even the most optimistic scenarios for domestic hydrocarbon production, the United States will continue to import millions of barrels of crude oil per day for the foreseeable future, albeit increasingly from our own hemisphere rather than the Middle East. And as long as the United States is connected to the global trading system, it will be subject to supply and demand shocks beyond its borders, meaning that price disruptions anywhere in the world will be passed on to U.S. consumers.

Having gained a competitive advantage in green technologies, the United States can then become the dominant global producer and exporter of CCS technology, advanced batteries and other lower-carbon products and services, maintaining its competitive position in the global energy economy.

The implementation of this policy will not be easy. There is likely to be opposition to exports of oil and gas on the grounds of U.S. energy security and ideological opposition to new taxes. Such concerns should be addressed by greater efforts at public education on the importance of global trade to U.S. energy security and the domestic economic and geopolitical benefits of expanded production.

At night, satellite images of Earth capture a uniquely human signal--artificial lighting. Remotely-sensed lights at night provide a new data source for improving our understanding of interactions between human systems and the environment. NASA has developed the Black Marble, a daily calibrated, corrected, and validated product suite, so nightlight data can be used effectively for scientific observations. Black Marble is playing a vital role in research on light pollution, illegal fishing, fires, disaster impacts and recovery, and human settlements and associated energy infrastructures.

You can download songs of Black Energy from Boomplay App for free. Firstly, install Boomplay app on your mobile phone. Secondly, navigate to the song you would like to download. Thirdly, Tap on More > Download.

Outsmart unpredictable temperature changes and possibly save up to 10% a year on your energy bill with an ENERGY STAR certified Smart thermostat. You can get up to $75 back on your purchase with the Golden State Rebates program. Smart thermostats can be remotely managed by a smartphone app, making it easy to adjust room temperatures or turn off your heat or AC while on the go. Save now and save later, too.

Want to stay cool and keep your energy costs lower, too? Cool off the room where you spend most of your time. Try running the air conditioner during super off-peak hours or outside the hours of between 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. to pre-cool the space. Also, consider buying air conditioners off-season when the savings are greatest. Golden State Rebates will pitch in $20 on qualified models to make this deal even cooler.

Reducing your electric and water usage is the easiest way to save money on your utility bill. Our easy low-cost and no-cost tips will show you how to lower your energy use while staying comfortable. Select from our energy saving tip sheets below:

There are a variety of ways to reduce energy usage to help save on home heating costs. The methods used to save money on home heating costs will vary for each homeowner depending on age and size of home, number of occupants, schedules and habits. Download PDF

Water heating is usually the second largest energy expense in your home, after heating and cooling, accounting for about 18 percent of your utility bill. The main was to cut your water heating use is simple: use less hot water. Download PDF

Two weeks ago, researchers at iSIGHT Partners outed a Russian espionage campaign that was using BlackEnergy to exploit a since-patched Windows zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2014-4114) to steal data from government agencies, defense and energy firms, as well as NATO and telecommunications providers. The attackers, nicknamed Sandworm by iSIGHT, used malicious PowerPoint files loaded with exploit code attached to a spear phishing email to attack those organizations. Those attacks were localized to Poland, Ukraine and Western Europe, and ICS-CERT said the attacks against HMI installations are not exploiting the same vulnerability. It did find a connection between the two operations in a shared command and control infrastructure, suggesting the same centralized group is behind both campaigns.

Attacks against GE Cimplicity HMI deployments have been ongoing since January 2012, ICS-CERT said, adding that the vulnerability is CVE-2014-0751 and was disclosed in December 2013. The advisory said the attackers were able to execute a malicious Cimplicity screen file, a .cim extension, hosted on the C&C server. The .cim file contains an embedded script that executes and downloads the BlackEnergy installer CimWrapPNPS.exe that deletes itself once the malware is on the compromised system.

OWCP's DEEOIC has made a variety of forms available online. These forms are only available in PDF format. To view and/or print PDF documents you must have a PDF viewer. It is highly recommended that you have the most current version (click on Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the current version) available on your workstation.

Recall that BackDoor.BlackEnergy BlackEnergy is a complex multi-component malware primarily used for spamming. It enabled criminals to create one of the largest spam botnets, capable of sending as many as 18 billion messages per day at its peak period of activity. BackDoor.BlackEnergy programs download their modules and the xml configuration file from a control server.

BlackEnergy first appeared in 2007. Designed to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks or download customized spam or banking data-stealer plug-ins, it was again used to target the State Bar of Georgia last May.

The area of the event horizon round a rotating black hole will increase in the presence of a non-axisymmetric or time dependent perturbation. If the perturbation is a matter field, the area increase is related to the fluxes of energy and of angular momentum into the black hole in such a way as to maintain the formula for the area in the Kerr solution. For purely gravitational perturbations one cannot define angular momentum locally but one can use the area increase and the expression for area in terms of mass and angular momentum to calculate the slowing down of a black hole caused by a non-axisymmetric distribution of matter at a distance. It seems that the coupling between the rotation of a black hole and the orbit of a particle going round it can be significant if the angular momentum of the black hole is close to its maximum possible value and if the angular velocity of the particle is nearly equal to that of the black hole.

Black Carbon (BC) has recently emerged as a major contributor to global climate change, possibly second only to CO2 as the main driver of change. BC particles strongly absorb sunlight and give soot its black color. BC is produced both naturally and by human activities as a result of the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, biofuels, and biomass. Primary sources include emissions from diesel engines, cook stoves, wood burning and forest fires. Reducing CO2 emissions is essential to avert the worst impacts of future climate change, but CO2 has such a long atmospheric lifetime that it will take several decades for CO2 concentrations to begin to stabilize after emissions reductions begin. In contrast, BC remains in the atmosphere for only a few weeks, so cutting its emissions would immediately reduce the rate of warming, particularly in the rapidly changing Arctic. Moreover, reduced exposure to BC provides public health co-benefits, especially in developing countries. Technologies that can reduce global BC emissions are available today.

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