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William Gonzalez

Titleist Titanium 983K Driver Price

Simply put the Titleist 983k and 983e are the best drivers I've played. I purchased them for peanuts on eBay because I had grown weary of the big headed monsters and wanted a more classic look. I echo many reviews that the "e" series is better suited for a skilled player. I really like my 10.5* 983e and can hit it well, but if I'm honest with myself I'm more consistent with my 11.5* 983k, so that is what I keep in my bag.This club is beautifully balanced and makes for an effortless swing. Turn those hips, let the club hit the back of the ball, and get ready to smile.Newer and bigger doesn't = betterThank you Titleist for making an excellent club.

Titleist Titanium 983K Driver Price


After reading several reviews on this forum & several others, I decided to upgrade from my old Titleist 975d driver to this 983k. I compared it to a Cleveland 400 Launcher and a Great Big Bertha II. Both of those drivers seem to have bigger and more forgiving club faces, but definitely have higher ball flight. Whereas this Titleist 983k hits more on a lower trajectory like the old 975d. This is what I've been looking for! It seems on higher ball flights, my fades turn more into slices. It's not always the arrow, but the I did have to adjust my swing accordingly. I lowered the tee on the ball at the suggestion of another review (about 3/4" to 1") and that made a BIG difference in straightening out the ball. No need to kill your swing speed with this driver & it has a nice 'thunk' sound rather than 'pingggg' long as you hit it on the square middle. Feels with the shaft and head are a nice balance; not as light feeling as the Callaway. Play a full extended swing and low to the deck like a fairway wood and watch it go! Mine has the NV65 shaft in stiff flex, which I am well pleased. These clubs are a dime a dozen on Ebay and other used club places. Got this one from Edwin Watts used and very cheap + $6.00 ground shipping. Check them out if you get the chance. I would put this driver up against any 460cc model for distance, but better ball control and workability. I still have an old Callaway Titanium smaller head driver which I will keep as a spare, since it still plays well with shorter distance.

I've played golf for 1 year now, started with this driver, I have a 10.5 with regular flex Titleist shaft. I paid $50 for it so value was excellent. I would say at the start I had a lot of issues with slices, definitely not the easiest club to hit when you are a novice golfer. After 3-4 month with it I started to get the hang of it and consistently hit 270-300 yards down the middle and sometimes with a little draw, but occasionally still get those dreaded slices. It is definitely where I position the ball and not making a full turn with my hips sometimes, so I don't blame the club I blame my own skills. My other driver is a Taylormade Tour Burner, it is definitely much easier to hit because of the bigger face, 460cc, plus I can hit it further with the Fujikura stiff shaft, around 325 yards, that's farthest it went. The problem is it doesn't have the feel of the 983k, for some reason Taylormade drivers feel very hollow and lack the feel at impact. If I want to upgrade I'll go with a Titleist driver, most likely the 910 D3.

I have tried other new drivers to compare with my 983k, most recent is the R11, and out of 20 shots each, I do not feel the "new technology" will provide more distance. You have to find the one that fits you the best.

ok look at the tours if the 983k was better or the same as all the new stuff wouldnt they still hit it....yes they would.....some would say thay get paid to play all the new stuff......not true they have to try the new stuff and if it doesnt iut perfome there current stuff then they dont have too. moving on, is the current drivers longer of the face about 5-8 yards on on center hits.....on miss hits its not even close current 910 will go straighter and further on off center hits. look to get a custom fit correctly and results will be better. hope you can upgrade to the 910 absolutly love my d3 with my fubuki alpha 73 x. keep us posted

I managed to find a 983k in a super condition for next to nothing. It is an excellent driver, Iike the real weight and feel of this club. I prefer the smaller head to the 460cc. Going to use throughout this winter. Fine Driver so far

Features and Benefits of the Titleist 983 K driver: 365cc titanium driver with full pear profile, targeted at golfers seeking a versatile high performance driver. The larger head size compared to the 983E produces a moderate launch angle and higher moment of inertia for playability. The slightly heel-biased internal weighting and deeper centre of gravity produce a moderate spin rate and an easy-to-square face aimed at mid handicappers. The Titleist 983 series was used by numerous Titleist Staff players including Ernie Els, Davis Love III and Brad Faxon.

HiI used to use 983k and now i just got 905S. ( I have a question about 905S not 905R but i could not find any other place to ask, i figured alot of 905r users have used 905s.)I am concered about the sound 905s makes, it is very loud compared to 983. 983 used to be muted but 905s is loud.I get the similar sound to 983 if i hit is little high and little on the toe. When i hit dead center or little low it make loud tin can sound (almost as loud as cobra drivers). I am not really sure if 905 is just a louder driver or if mine is defective. Center hit feels like mis hit and mis hit feels like center hit compared to 983 anyways.Any thoughts?thanks 041b061a72


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