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A Living Faith

“The Orthodox Church is not a museum of the first thousand years of Christianity.  We must not succumb to the temptation that the Fathers have said everything and that all we have to do is to repeat them verbatim.”

“The Liturgy bridges the gap between what Jesus did two thousand years ago and us today.  So it is that in every liturgy: the life, the teaching, the suffering, the death, the resurrection, the ascension and, Pentecost are not just remembered but also made perfect again so that we are there to actually participate in them! This is why Fr. Schmemann says, ‘The liturgy is, first of all the Paschal (Easter) gathering of those who are to meet the Risen Lord and enter with Him into the His kingdom.”

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It is never just “The Fathers.” My understanding is that it is The Holy Scriptures + The Holy Tradition + The Fathers.” Jeanne Constantinou in her book, “Thinking Orthodox: Understand and Acquiring the Orthodox Christian Mind” is a wonderful resource to explore the LIVING Tradition of our church - far from a Museum of old ideas of mere men.

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Great point and yes, indeed they do speak and work together. I have the text you reference and I love Jeanne and her work. Thanks for chiming in. Blessing to you. Fr. Martin

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