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Ancient Faith Event Updates


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2018 New from Ancient Faith Ministries – Events! by: Melinda Johnson

Ancient Faith Ministries, a department of the Antiochian Archdiocese, is delighted to announce a new branch of our efforts – Ancient Faith Events! In an increasingly digital world, we continue to witness the life-giving power of being present with one another in person, to worship, learn, and enjoy fellowship. Antiochian Village provides an ideal venue for Orthodox-friendly events, and Ancient Faith works closely with Village staff to build worthwhile events in an edifying and restful atmosphere. ​Ancient Faith’s event line-up now includes an annual women’s retreat, a gathering for Orthodox men, and a professional development conference for Orthodox writers and podcasters. All of these events are hosted at the Antiochian Village Conference and Retreat Center in Bolivar, PA. Here are the details!

1.) The Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference, June 13-15, 2019: The Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference is a professional development and fellowship opportunity for Orthodox Christians who want to enrich their creative work or break into a new media field. The Conference is open to published and unpublished attendees. If you want to be here, we want you to be here! The Conference will provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to network and collaborate with well-known Orthodox authors, podcasters, editors, and publishers, and to gain inside perspective on the Orthodox media world. Guests will enjoy time for fellowship in a beautiful and peaceful environment. Community building and spiritual refreshment are important goals of this gathering.

2.) The Ancient Faith Women’s Retreat, November 14-17, 2019: Celebrating a wonderful inaugural year in 2018, the Ancient Faith Women’s Retreat continues to offer a peaceful, loving, and reflective gathering for women who have come to learn, worship, make friends, and rest at the entrance into the holy Nativity season. Hosted by Melinda Johnson on behalf of Ancient Faith, this year’s retreat will be led by speakers Dr. Jeannie Constantinou, Mother Christophora, Dr. Roxanne Louh, and Molly Sabourin. The schedule includes sessions and free time during the day, and small group activities and a wonderful party at the Antiochian Village Bookstore in the evening.

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