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April 2022

Hi Everyone!

God Bless You!

1.) As we cross through to the 2nd half of Great Lent, I want to thank all of you for:

  • Participating in the Tuesday night Book Study (That is a hoot)

  • Joining with our friends at Sts. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Church for Pre-Sanctified Liturgy at at St. Anthony!

  • Attending Vespers & Divine Liturgy!

2.) With April fast upon us, we continue out journey to Pascha!

  • April 2nd - Vespers

  • April 3rd - Morning Prayers & Divine Liturgy

  • April 11th - Arise O God ZOOM Book Study

  • April 6th - Pre-Sanctified Divine Liturgy

  • April 9th - Vespers

  • April 10th - Morning Prayers & Divine Liturgy

  • April 12th - Arise O God ZOOM Book Study

  • April 13th - Pre-Sanctified Divine Liturgy

  • April 16th - Vespers

  • April 17th PALM SUNDAY: Morning Prayers & Divine Liturgy

I will update our Holy Week Schedule in a few days as I rough out my schedule at work. Also, we will set our Saturday outside Parish Clean Up day as well (Hope this continuing winter weather releases us after this weekend! ;)

Pascha is April 24th.

Be Well!

Fr. Martin

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