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Fall is here! YeeeeeHaaaaw!

God Bless You!

I want to invite all of you back to Church. As we continue to rejoin and reconstitute our parish, do what you can to return prayer and worship of the Lord to you life.

As the colder months approach, let us continue to be prudent in our use of energy. Please be mindful so that our utilizes and other winter fees are manageable. Please continue your stewardship, and if you are able, please donate to help us with snow removal this coming winter season (This is typically a $1400 a year expense). Thank you for your financial contributions to our Church (Remember, you can donate from our site using PAYPAL).

This Sunday we read and contemplate the Gospel of Luke, chapter 8 and verses 26-39. In these verses, the demons dialogue with the one point, the demons begged Jesus not to cast them out into the abyss! One thing is for sure, It is clear that the demons know who Christ is and it equally clear that they acknowledge His power. Among all the good news of this scripture...How do we acknowledge the Lord in our life with our belief in Him?

Have a great Fall Season! Fr. Martin

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