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Forgiving Family

"In reality, all our family members have sinned against us and need our forgiveness. But how can we forgive if we don't acknowledge the hurts? Some people have to begin shame resolution by acknowledging their hurts. Young children blame themselves when they are hurt. They must deserve it, or their parents wouldn't hurt them.

To admit that the parents are limited human beings who sin and err seems to breech a taboo. But to remember that our parents were sinned against by their parents, who were sinned against by their parents, all the way back to Eden, contextualizes our hurts. Our parents sinned against us, not because they were terrible people, but because they are fallen human beings, tempted by the evil one, just like everyone else".

Nun Katherine (Weston)

Illumining Shame, Anger, and Forgiveness, p. 22.

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