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Good Thoughts & Holy Love

"Believe that insults and disappointments are things for the healing of the pride that your soul is affected by. Pray for those who hurt you as for your true doctors, with the certain conviction that whoever hates the dishonor hates humility, and whoever runs away from bitterness, runs away from gentleness.

Do not seek to find the vices and mistakes of your neighbor, do not lend an ear to the suspicions of his enemies. If, however, these come to take hold of you due to your own inadequacies, seek to transform them into good thoughts. Thank for everything! Agonize for kindness and holy love!

With strong watchfulness, we can maintain, in all respects, a clean conscience, before God, before our neighbor, before things. Before saying or doing something, try to see if it fits or not with the will of God. Thinking this way and praying, we will say and do everything, expressing our helplessness to God. And God, the benefactor, will help us to improve in all things."

St. Ignatius Brianchaninov

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