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Journeying to the Light of Christ

By, Fredericka Matthews-Green (adapted)

"This icon shows the disciples following Christ as they depart the Last Supper, and Judas turning away, with a demon on his shoulder, to sell his Lord. You can see the empty halo he has vacated.

Tonight, (Holy Friday) we will have the Lamentations service, and process around the exterior of the church, carrying a bier on which lies a needlepoint or embroidered image of Christ's body laid out for burial.

Saturday morning there will be a Divine Liturgy at which the Good News begins to peep forth. Saturday night, around 11:30 at most churches, the Pascha service will begin. It's amazing and I can't begin to describe it here. Every Christian should experience it once in his life.

That service runs to 1:30am morning, after which the worshipers break their fast and enjoy meat, eggs, and dairy for the first time in seven weeks.

Christ is Risen! Indeed he is Risen!"

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