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Metropolitan Joseph has Resigned

September 17, 2022

To the Hierarchs, Clergy, and Faithful of the Archdiocese:

By the grace of God, by His providence, and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I have decided to retire from my administrative position as Metropolitan of New York and All North America for the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese.

After prayerful consideration, a life of sacrifice and decades of service to the church, my painful but deliberate decision is intended to give you peace as it has now done for me. It is my hope that my decision to remove myself will spare the Archdiocese and its faithful any further unnecessary burdens, attacks, and potential financial burdens.

May God continue to protect this Archdiocese as a safe haven for all our beloved Hierarchs, clergy, and faithful. This is the hour for us to stand in unity and strength, undivided, and unshaken. I ask your prayers and understanding as I take these steps which I believe are in the best interest of the church.

May God reveal the truth in His time for His purpose and have mercy upon us all.

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