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"Snakes don't talk..."

They sure don't! :)

Thanks to everyone for a fun and vibrant conversation from our first Book Study group this year!

This coming Tuesday evening - March 22nd, we meet again at 8:00pm to discuss Chapter two of the book,"Arise, O God", by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick.

In this chapter, he begins digging deeper into the meaning and function of The Gospel of Jesus Christ by asking why the gospel exists. Consider a few questions as you read through the rationale he offers from the beginning, as given to us, in the book of Genesis

  • Did God collaborate with Humanity after created "Male and Female"?

  • What makes Angels different?

  • What is our mortality all about?

Fr. Andrew offers this statement: "The fruit was not poisonous. Death was given by God". Why?

This chapter continues with much more, so enjoy!

If you would like to join our 1 hour online gathering, email Fr. Martin at

I will email the ZOOM Link for our next gathering, Sunday night - March 20th. Hope to see you all Sunday Morning!

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Rhiannon Justice
Rhiannon Justice
17 abr 2022

Beautiful icon! I would love to add this to my collection!

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