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The Forgotten Medicine - Confession (Repentance) Time to "Get Up"!

"The Holy Sacrament of Confession can rightly be called “the Forgotten Medicine.”

“When we go to Confession, we enter Christ’s infirmary.  Here God Himself is the Doctor because only He can give and take away life, judge and acquit, punish and forgive.  The priest is only a witness and representative of God.  The priest hears our confession but God accepts it.”

“St. John Chrysostom, pondering on the miraculous results of sincere repentance, says: ‘Repentance is a medicine which destroys sin.  It is a heavenly gift, a marvelous force which through the grace of God conquers the might and strictness of the laws.  It accepts all and transforms all.  It does not reject the fornicator, does not send away the adulterer, is not disgusted with the drunkard, does not loath the idolater, does not neglect the slanderer, does not persecute the reviler nor the haughty man: it regenerates everybody because it is a furnace for purification from sin. The wound and the medicine, these are sin and Repentance’”.

“There are occasions for repentance and Confession which are more specifically established by the Holy Church. These are the four fasts of the year, when the Christian is obliged to fast and to prepare to take Holy Communion.”

There is no sin which weighs more than the weight of God’s mercy.”

Every time we fall into a transgression, we must get up. The ‘getting up’---this is Confession”.

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