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The Purpose of GREAT LENT

Updated: Feb 24

Friends, don't be fooled or pressed about what we are called to do for Great Lent. Lots of people say and have all sorts of thoughts and theories on what Lent is and is not.

Mind you, it is critically important to be deliberate and re-prioritize our life during Lent with fasting, prayer, and alsmgiving SO THAT, we can exercise our soul to make changes from within and forgive those who have hurt us, get rid of grudges that cauble us, release the hold of evil, anger, disdain, and frustrutions that enslaves us. Moreover, it is the pathway to do something about the things we give to Christ when we hope on Him in prayer. Lent is time to inspect what we give and sacrafice for Christ who gave all for us to have eternal life. In this way, we are prepared to receive Christ, at his resurrecton and are able to follow him therefrom with purity of heart and re-newed strength of faith and purpose. Fr. Martin

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