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The Royal Priesthood

What do we offer to God?

"All human beings are priests: a priest is one who takes the ordinary and offers it to God. And when we offer something to God it ceases to be merely what it was, it becomes a symbol of something new, something transformed, something reflecting the divine.

We instinctively know this. As children we are constantly creating, seeing meaning in something mundane, ordinary, commonplace. In a stone, a can, a screwed up piece of paper we see a ball, a tool, an instrument. We look beyond what is ordinary and see the extraordinary.

The Church invites us to remain in this child-like (not childish) state by inviting us to carry on in this creative act through offering what we see to God who allows us to give new meaning to an object. And when we see an object which has lost this new meaning it has been given, we want to restore it to its former glory, or to repurpose it with a new meaning, a new symbolism, a new creation: we want to offer it once more to God" (Insight from our friends at, 12 Apostles' Church, Eastleigh, United Kingdom).

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