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The Time is always now for Outcomes from the Kingdom of Heaven! (Moral Courage)

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I have had a few opportunities to speak on some of the continuing stress and anxiety in the U.S. around race relations and church outreach. In short, one of my perspectives rests in the some of the themes displayed in the gospel teaching regarding the tenants in vineyard (Matthew 21:33-43).

Also consider that we are all saints as St. Paul references often (Colossians 1:2, Philippians 1:1). And, the Holy Spirit was left for all of us as the Comforter and Spirt of Truth which is everywhere present is our guide to becoming saints.

As we look to share the light of Christ, to this generation and all that follow, consider that in our world there are both Christian saints who live from the two great commandments and those "Secular" "saints" that call attention to injustice and evil in our world (those who look to the moral and simple good for society).

It is from this basis, I offer the thoughts from the recent presentation I offered for your review on moral courage and the notion that today, many people look to the outcomes of one's beliefs in action rather than thoughts about faith and church...especially as it relates to outreach to Millennials and Generation 'Z'. (Click Here: There are video attached to statements listed on Slide # 4 and video when you click the images on slide # 8).

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