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God does not wish the death of his creation.

Adam ate the forbidden fruit and was driven from Paradise.

He sat outside, weeping bitterly:

“Woe to me! What will become of me, a worthless man

I disobeyed one command of my Master and lost every good thing!

O holy Paradise, planted for me by God, and closed by the weakness of Eve,

grant that I may once again gaze on the flowers of your gardens!”

The Savior said to him:

“I do not wish the death of My creation!

I desire that all should be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth,

for him who comes to Me I shall never cast out!”

Aposticha (Tone 6), Vespers of Cheesefare Sunday (Forgiveness Sunday) – The Expulsion of Adam from Paradise

Listen to a meditation on the Expulsion of Adam by Fr Thomas Hopko:

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