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The finest robe in the House

Hello everyone!

This Sunday we gather and reflect of the Gospel according to Luke chapter 15 and versus 11-32. This is the familiar story of "The Prodigal Son". This parable continues to develop the theme of repentance and forgiveness with three people: The Prodigal, The Father, The Brother. We have all lived the story of the prodigal

As we approach Lent in 2022, are you able to try and depart from sin and will you let the Lord take you by the hand with tenderness? Are you ready to be received by Him, who waits and races to us all not simply with restoration and the grace we once had but with the "best robe" in the entire house?

Join us this Sunday, February 20th at 10:00am for the Divine Liturgy and let us sing to Him who rose from the dead and hear the Holy Gospel and decide together. Fr. Martin.

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